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How to show the percent completion of each division in each course?

Hello everybody, I am a new ASP.NET developer and I am working now on my first web-based application for my company. The applicaiton tracks the training courses which the employees took or attended them. I want to show a percent completion of each division in my department in each one of these courses. The courses are divided into three groups. I have the following database design: Employee Table: Username, Name, DivisionCode Division Table: DivisionCode, DivisionName Course Table: CourseID, CourseName, GroupID Group Table: GroupID, GroupName Employee_Course Table: Username, CourseID (The first attribure in each table is the primary key) So how I can be able to show the percent completion for each division: 1. in all courses 2. in each group of courses **I need to two queries to show each one of the above requirements. So how to do that?**
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Is this, perhaps, a homework question? The exact same question was posted here several weeks ago:
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