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SQL Developer/SSRS

  1. I need to know the difference(s) between programming SQL Server with T-SQL and developing SQL Server.
  2. I like to get a practice roadmap to start with SSRS? What are the helpful tips to kickstart and inherit good developer nature in this case? Where I need be more strong?
  3. I like to begin a carrier in this field ASAP? How should I start so that I can be well prepared to face interviews as a SQL and SSRS developer?
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These are some rather open ended questions, but this should at least get you started:

  1. Developing SQL Server is normally a more general term than programming with T-SQL. In other words, you may write T-SQL procedures or scripts, write C# programs that use SQL Server, use SSIS, or even use a non-Microsoft language like Python to write a program that works with SQL Server and call it developing for SQL Server. In contrast, programming with T-SQL refers specifically to writing scripts, functions, or procedures using T-SQL by itself (or at least as the primary tool).

  2. The key to being successful with SSRS is really to work closely with your users. I think this is true of any development project really, but more so with SSRS since you generally have a very small number of users with very specific requirements. As far as learning the technology, look at the training material for MCTS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence. It covers SSRS quite well along with SSIS and SSAS which are useful things to know if you want to work with SSRS. You may or may not find the exam itself worth taking, but the study materials will give you a structured approach to learning.

  3. Just like any career change, I would suggest studying the technology, practicing with it, and trying to find other people that use it (PASS group in your area perhaps?). Then start applying for jobs.

SSRS is a good field to move into, but can I ask why you focus on that one? Especially if you are just getting started, you may want to look at starting as a general SQL Server Developer and then specializing after you have more experience.

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Dear Sir, Thanks for asking such question. Actually,Now i am working as a C#.Net Developer.But i am eager to learn about the SSIS,SSAS and SSRS and make carrier it that.But i could not get chance.Will you suggest me what should i do?????
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