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TFSWarehouse cannot access Analysis services

I think this question should be asked at, but I give you guys a chanse to answer it first. Our client installed Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1 (TFS) on one server and the SQL server 2005 with the TFS databases on another server. The TFS works just fine, but the warehouse doesn't get loaded with statistics.

Every half hour we get the following error in the Eventlog on the TFS server.

SQL Server does not exist or access denied.;

The account assigned to the TFS services is configured in the SQL server and we can connect to the relation database "TFSWarehouse" and the analysis server database "TFSWarehouse" with that account. We can manually process the cube from analysis service, but the relation datbase is empty.

Does anyone have any idea. It looks like it is connecting to a different server than the other TFS services

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Did you get an answer from the ServerFault guys? If so, what was it? Or is it so old that you can't remember?
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