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Schema.Object naming and Entity Data Model and/or Sparx EA

Hi! I've been trying to generate en Entity Data Model from an existing database in Visual Studio 2010. The database has different schemas, for example Factory and Store. There are tables in the Factory schema with the same name as in the Store schema. I have for example Factory.Inventory and Store.Inventory. When generating the Entity Data Model in Visual Studio 2010 I get Inventory and Inventory2 instead of Factory.Inventory and Store.Inventory. I have tried to generate physical data model in Sparx Enterprise Architect from the same existing database and get the result that columns from Factory.Inventory and Store.Inventory are combined into one object in the diagram. What I want to do is get the database into some/any kind of modelling tool, so that I can play with altering constraints, adding tables etc without destroying the existing database, I need to be able to work offline from the database once I get the diagram painted. So I guess my questions are: 1. Is it possible to get VS2010 to generate an Entity Data Model which uses Schema.Object naming, instead of Object, Object2 etc? 2. What about Sparx Enterprise Architect?
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We ended up using views to avoid name collisions between schemas within VS2010. Hopefully, somebody comes through with the appropriate magic :)
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I was just commiserating, rather than suggesting a modeling approach
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@KenJ - that will use if I only need to generate a nice diagram to look at. But I want to be able to use the diagram for further developing my database, adding schemas and tables etc.
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