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Anyone else try to query [sys.dm_server_services][1] and get funny results? I actually get 2 rows returned on one of my servers and both rows are for the SQL Server Service. Where it should be row for the SQL Server service and SQL Server Agent. I was going to submit a connect item for it, if other folks are having the same results. I checked Connect and there are [3 submissions][2] that reference this DMV by Aaron Bertrand, but none of them reference not getting Agent Service returned at all. He does have one where he returned 3 rows, 2 being for SQL Agent but that was with SQL Denali CTP3. SELECT servicename, startup_desc, status_desc, last_startup_time FROM sys.dm_server_services [1]: [2]:
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Hmmm.. fine for me (build 10.50.2500.0 (X64))
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WilliamD avatar image WilliamD commented ·
Not a problem for me, I'm on CTP3 and get 3 entries: SQL Server, SQL Agent and FullText Indexing
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Shawn_Melton avatar image Shawn_Melton commented ·
just checked another instance at same build and it is normal results.
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Kev Riley avatar image Kev Riley ♦♦ commented ·
Out of interest, does anyone have a downloaded version of BOL that includes this? It is on MSDN (as linked to by Shawn), but the latest BOL I've just downloaded doesn't have it !?!?!?
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