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Dream Machine - how would you build it?

I am about to embark on a MS Dynamics Axapta 2009 upgrade and I am looking for suggestions on how to build the SQL portion of the system. I already have a good outline of what I will do, but I would like some input from you guys because this environment is getting larger than what I am accustomed to seeing. I am sure many of you have seen very large implementations so any input will be greatly appreciated. The Machine will be a 2 proc (12 core) IBM with 64Gb of RAM and 6Tb of disk (Not worried about disk slice and dice, I have good advice on that already from @SQLSoldier). The specifics I am looking for advice on are: - Version of Windows Server 2008 R2 - and SQL Server 2008 R2 x64 - Reporting and BI on this machine or another SQL machine. I am thinking Enterprise or maybe even Datacenter edition for Server 2008R2 and SQL Standard for the db. Reporting and BI cubes will (most likely) be placed on another SQL server at a later time, with SQL server Enterprise so that we can get BI and PowerPivot for SharePoint capabilities. **UNLESS** you think that the Reporting and BI could be handled by the amount of horse power in this one server alone. Then maybe just go with SQL Ent on the one server. That would simplify replication scenarios a little. IF you advise against reporting on this server, will SQL Std be adequate, or should it be Ent? We have about 350 users and roughly 100 reports. Reporting will be more intense once we get some cubes built, not to mention the overhead Sharepoint will add. I know this is not all the info one would need to size and predict, but I do not have anything else to go on short of building it and flipping the switch, hoping it is strong enough. Thanks for your time and expertise in advance. I can answer any additional questions you may have in order to arrive at the best configuration.
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If this is going to be in place a long time then spend as much as you can on it. Have you read this book - ? The site says it not available yet but RedGate were giving them out at SQL in the City recently so they are certainly printed. There should be a pdf version of it too. If you can separate tasks (ie sharepoint, reporting etc) then it will obviously help. Pick the latest OS, etc to make sure your compatibility in the future is not compromised
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@KenAWatson According to redgate site, a free eBook download in PDF format is not yet available, but is coming soon to [Red Gate Book Store][1]. [1]:
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I would love a PDF of this. Anyone know how I can get a copy? I found the book for sale here and also requested it be Kindle-ized :-)
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