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sqlanywhere 9 dbbackups - Transaction Log files

We are backing up db and log file. dbbackup -r -y -c "ALLIED;dbn=allliedplus.db;uid=DBA;pwd=ain0302" y:\backup

This renames and then starts a new log file which is what we want. (Smaller size log file, new)

What we want is a way for the renamed log files to be removed from the working directory. These files are adding up daily and never being removed. OR a way to start new log file and not rename so files do not add up.

Running Dbbackup Desired results: New transaction log file being started to keep log file size down No renamed log files to remain in the directory. Want these files removed.

We greatly appreciate your help and response to this inquiry. Thank you in advance Allied Support Gary

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Sorry, this being, is a Q&A site about SQL Server specifically.
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