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RE:connection errors while running automated job

thanks for your reply.....and Yes, just because of this connection error ,from past one week i am running the job at 3 am manually and I had used administrative account to automate the job......
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forgive me i don't know the procedure to give reply...thats why i have raised a question ...but i thought viewers will understand from first two letters.."RE" and i have mentioned the whole tittle of my question again to signify it...
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No worries @GMChowdary, we are all glad you are here asking questions. You got it mostly right on your original question. You posted as an answer there and I moved it to a comment under your original question. Anytime you want to comment back to a question you can either add a comment under your question or add a comment to the person who answered your question by clicking "add new comment" under their answer.
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