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Super slow cannot check Yahoo mails

Am a dba just got this situation no system adm on site. System works fine at old location. Server is Windows Server 2003. Has static ip with comcast and good speed of say 12mps. Now new location has a new static ip and is T1 connection of 1.98mps up and same down. Runs synchronizing of offline files with four computers including the server. All flat files. Has a switch that connects all nodes, router that has IP address of what is coming out of the T1 connection. T1 connection is shared with other users, dhcp lan on router. It is set to do static on wan. Now all computers run dhcp except the server. The server has two cards but we only use static ip connection on the server. It connects to the switch. Connecting to the internet is not consistent and slows, internet explorer comes with error url too large. Internet from the server is about 70% success, but from the other three client computers is about 45% success. Now once you connect to, you cannot check mails. If you are able to check mails maybe 1% success all day. If you try others like Google mails then your chances increases to say 40%. Now my LAN has subnet mask of on all nodes. The router wan subnet is which is what comes out of the T1 connection line. The router is set to do static on the wan and dhcp on the lan. The ip address of the router is the gateway ip for all the nodes. What are the factors of fixing this problems guys. Cannot get internet to be consistent. When I take the computer home, out of the network, it works perfect in a straight connection. I recommended increasing the speed to say 10mps for the internet service. The mail is where the calendar and all stuff is for the company. Help me guys with recommendations, solutions, and all.
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It looks like the internet connection at the new location is about 80% smaller than the old one. It could be it's just getting used up. Call your service provider to find out if they can identify any issues with the line. If the T1 checks out, you're going to need somebody with solid networking/sysadmin experience to troubleshoot your LAN. You also might try asking the question on [][1] where more of the expert sysadmins hang out. [1]:
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