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unit testing (continued...)

This is continuation from my previous question which is [here][1] [1]: What I'm trying to do now is create a OrderedTest, and I created one more new test called the 'TestSetup', which contains the following codes: IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..##Database') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE ##Database CREATE TABLE ##Database( Id INT IDENTITY(1,1), DatabaseName SYSNAME PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL ) CREATE TABLE ##TestResult( DatabaseName NVARCHAR(50), SchemaName NVARCHAR(50), TableName NVARCHAR(50), Testname NVARCHAR(50), [Date] DATETIME ) DECLARE @@CountDatabases INT SELECT @@CountDatabases = COUNT(name) FROM sys.databases WHERE name like 'db_%' --name of the incomming databases starts with db_ prefix --Inserting the name of the incomming databases in ##Database INSERT INTO ##Database SELECT name FROM sys.databases WHERE name like 'db_%' -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I got all the databases to be tested in ##Databases along with its count from 'TestSetup' test. And on the Orderedlist test, this 'TestSetup' test is on top. My goal is to track the databasename, schema name, table name, testname and datetime when any of the 4 tests fail and store them into ##TestResult(which I declared in my 'TestSetup' test). For your reference, names of the 4 tests are as follows: 1. EveryPrimaryKeyFollowsNamingStandards 2. EveryTableHasAClusteredIndex 3. EveryTableHasAPrimaryKey 4. NoTableExistsOnThePrimaryFilegroup Could you suggest me the logic and codes to implement in each test(you can give me an example in any one of the test), so that I can fill the 'TestResult' table with the informations from the failed tests. Any suggestion for the better scripts in the 'TestSetup' is also welcome, as I am not sure if ##TestResult is a good idea.(Should I just create a normal TestResult database instead??) Thank you Best Regards, sqlhungry.
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