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How do I push my initial snapshot to a subscriber server in SQL Server 2000?

I'm configuring Transactional Replication using the Push model. The scenario is:

The SQL Servers:

  • SQL01 (publisher) and SQL02 (subscriber) - both running SQL 2000 SP4.
  • Both servers are standalone (i.e. not domain members)
  • Both servers have their FQDN and NETBIOS names in their HOSTS files

I've managed to configure SQL01 to publish my database and configured a Push subscription for SQL02 using the Push New Subscription wizard and set the Distribution Agent to update the subscription continuously.

On the Push Subscription wizard "Initialise Subscription" page I've selected "Yes, initialise the schema and data" and ticked the "Start the Snapshot Agent to begin the initialisation process immediately" option.

All the required services are running (SQL Agent).

When I complete the wizard and browse the Replication -> Publications folder I can see my publication (blue book with arrow). The publication shows the Push subscription and its status is Pending.

If I look in the c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Mssql\Repldata folder I see a number of T-SQL scripts for each table e.g. Products.bcp, Products.sch, Products.idx.

What should happen now? Should my replicated database now (magically) appear on the subscription server?

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RickD avatar image RickD commented ·
It should copy across, but as your servers are standalone, it may not have enough permissions to copy the data onto the second server, can you set up a linked server to the second server?
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Kev avatar image Kev commented ·
@RickD - got this working by creating an empty database on the subscriber.
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