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Configuring RedGate SQL Backup on PolyServe

Does anyone have configuration recomendations to set up SQL Backup on a PolyServe cluster?

Any of the DBs we will backup are referenced by vSQL\instance. The vSQL name is registered in DNS.

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I've pinged the link 'downstairs' to the SQL Backup team. One of them hopefully should be along shortly...
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Hi, I've passed this to our product support team who should be in contact.
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SQL Backup does not officially support a PolyServe cluster, in that we have never tested SQL Backup in this environment. However, we do have a number customers who have successfully installed and using SQL Backup on their PolyServe clusters.

The installation process of the SQL Backup Server Components is NOT cluster aware for a PolyServe cluster. So the user needs to install the SQL Backup Server Components onto each node of the cluster separately, which will mean having to failover the cluster.

The user will have to manually configure a SQL Backup resource to manage failover between the nodes in the PolyServe's equivalent of the Cluster Administrator.

A customer who previously encountered a problem, kindly sent to me the following information and advice on how to get SQL Backup to operate on a HP Polyserve Cluster.

If possible, disable the Polyserve SQL Browser service and let Microsoft's native SQL Browser service take over. That will fix the name resolution issue and allow jobs to operate normally:

The consequences of disabling Polyserve's SQL Browser Service are the loss of any custom instance aliasing/redirection; if you are unsure if this applies to you, from the Polyserve Management Console navigate via the top menu bar:

Tools > SQL Instance Aliasing

If no items are listed in either text box, no customer instance aliasing/redirection is being performed and the Polyserve SQL Browser service can be safely disabled by clicking 'Advanced' and un-checking the box next to 'Enable the Polyserve SQL Browser Service' and then clicking OK. The native Microsoft SQL Browser service will automatically start on all nodes with no further user intervention required. No downtime should result.

I hope the above is helpful to you.

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