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SSRS 2005 behavior

Hi all,

I've been working with SQL Server and Cognos for several years but am fairly new at SSRS... I'm wondering if what I'm seeing is normal behavior or optional in SSRS2005?

I build a report that has 2 parameters which are both dates (setup as datetime) with default values (1st parameter: If it's monday put friday's date and, 2nd parameter: Today). when viewing the report on my report server (after deployment), I run the report no problem clicking the view report button... but as soon as change my start date (just selecting a new start date), the report section clears... and is repopulated once I hit the view report button...

When I do the same thing on the 2nd date (End Date) the report content is not cleared... So I'm wondering if it's normal behavior? If so why does it do this on one date but not the other? It just seems weird and I want to understand how this works.

Tried to find on the Net something to explain the behavior and couldn't find anything...


I also should add that before deployment in the preview the report doesn't behave this way... when selecting a date for the first parameter, the report content isn't reset...

If you need more info please advise.

Thank You JG

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Yes, we ran into this when doing lots of Reporting Services versions of old Crystal Reports for old systems.

We found that the FIRST parameter causes this re-fresh/rebind automatic event. It is subtly important too... if any of your other parameters rely on its value, then this special guy needs to be first, especially if the values come from a query or other dynamic operation.

It DOES NOT seem to affect the Windows Forms report viewer (which is what Visual Studio and such use to preview the report locally), but only the web version (which is, of course, typically what you deliver these via). This drove us nuts as we had no problem with our newly developed reports when testing locally... but as soon as the users would try them out in IE, things would break or get very buggy and we couldn't figure out why. We only figured it out when one report worked fine and the others didn't and we figured out what was different... the order of the parameters. The one that worked we had just happened to put the dynamic parameter first.

We could never find anything either — only ever gleaned anything by observation.

On a more personal rant, I've found that the ASP.NET web implementation of the report viewer for SSRS 2005 to be particularly poor. It's history is riddled with other issues (print control issue anyone?) not to mention it is pretty much useless in any browser other than IE (display bugs in Firefox and printing/searching only works in IE... thanks!). As such, it doesn't surprise me anymore that it would also feature this weird undocumented behavior that has such a dramatic yet subtle effect on the report working or not.

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