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Please help with the following queries. Rectify if they are wrong.

[Refer this link for the questions>>][1] My answers till now,(by the way I solved them but I am not sure if they are correct, so I wanted to get something like a model answer paper to compare and check.) Answer.2) select name from Artist A where exists(select name from album B where Answer.3)select from Atist A, Track T, TrackList L where A.artistID=L.trackID and L.Tracknum=1 and"Intro" Answer.4)select from Artist where"Mogwai" and weight>(select weight from Artist,SimilarArtist where Artist.artistID=SimilarArtist.artistID) Answer.5)select from Album A,Tracklist L where L.tracknum>30 and L.albumID=A.albumID M not getting the other answers. So if nething wrong in the above pls rectify. [1]:
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We closed the original question as there was no real substance to it. As posters have said, if the OP wants to post the questions as questions, rather than just a link, we will be happy to help.
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Answer 3 is a cartesian join, so you'll want to look at that. Other than that, are you sure you took the class? I'd strongly suggest you study the provided book a bit more.
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Maybe he should read your books instead! :)
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Matt Whitfield avatar image Matt Whitfield ♦♦ commented ·
I wasn't sure, seeing as the course said 'due in 2006'. So I figure either: * a - OP is a time traveller from the future, and probably doesn't need basic SQL help * b - OP is **very** late with homework, so probably won't matter if it's wrong anyway
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I reckon OP is in the wrong place, anyway. Judging by Homework 2, it's a Postgres environment...
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Grant Fritchey avatar image Grant Fritchey ♦♦ commented ·
Postgres or not, there's no join criteria for Track in that query. He's going to get some nasty data back.
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