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Selecting View, Registered Server in SSMS closes SSMS

When I log into SQL Server, the welcome screen no longer lists the available servers
1643565115000.pngI can type in the name of the server and it connects just fine, but I would rather not. My organization has long cryptic server names and as a SQL Server admin/developer there are about a dozen servers that I regularly log into. I also manage a few MySQL servers so having to remember server names (and port numbers too!) is too much work.
The obvious solution is to look at Registered Servers, which I have used heavily in the 10 years I have worked for my organization. However, I select View, Registered Servers and hour glass pops up and then Management Studio closes.

I do not remember doing anything to change how SSMS works or changing any SSMS settings. It is only my local machine that is having this problem. I can log onto another user's machine and it is working. So it is not the servers settings that have changed or some network setting that I hadn't thought of. I tried uninstalling and re-installing SSMS. I am using the latest version of SSMS, 18.10.

Does anyone have a suggestion for what could have happened?

(I googled this question and found a You-tube video that why the server name is not appearing. It suggested installing a local copy of SQL Express. That's not my issue. I know the names and port numbers of my servers just not by rote.)

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