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SSRS login message when deploying projects


I'm new to SSRS and this is the first time I try to deploy a project but I keep getting this window show up every time I try to deploy

I tried to go to the project properties and change the URL to http://SERVER-NAME/Reports/

but I still get the same error.

I'm using Windows authentication and its working fine in SSMS and the same windows authentication in the Report Server Configuration Manager, but I'm not sure what I'm missing in here.

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the project properties need to points to "reportserver" which is the API web end for deployments, do not change it to "reports" that's the GUI front end.

The below may be of use

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I actually tried it with both, and just have it set to report server but still, whenever I deploy it will ask me for a password. notice how the first screenshot mentioned the /reportserver and not just /reports

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What do you have in the authentication types element of the rsreportserver.config file?

Hopefully its RSWindowsNTLM or RSWindowsNegotiate

If not that could be the reason as someone has changed the auth method.

When you access HTTP://server/reports in IE/Chrome etc are you prompted for authentication?

You are a member of the local admins on the SSRS server?

Have you tried explicitly adding your userID in the users lists for system and folder in the SSRS portal?

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