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Databases and Application names mapping in inventory DB.

Problem :

In my company we are currently trying to reconcile our databases/application inventory databases so that we can have a consistent mapping of every database associated with every application name or application ID. Currently we are missing some Application ID mapping to some databases in our database inventory and I have been tasked to find missing AppID and reconcile the database inventory with their associated databases. We do not currently have database names associated in the masterlist of ApplicationID assignment lookup table (This is the table that assigns new Application ID for new applications in the enterprises). But the list has all the application names associated with applicationIDs.

Proposed solution:

To resolve this issue I wanted to reach out to all supervisors in every Active Directory Global group for the databases without Application ID since there is a one-to-one mapping of databases to applications and try to get the supervisors to fill out a survey with the objective of trying to get the application name associated with that database. To do this, I wanted to get the supervisors information (such as name, title, email address, phone) for some active directory global groups in some specific databases in SQL Server in the enterprise. I need help getting a Power Shell or t-sql script to get these info. Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue is welcome as well.

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