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SQL server drives inaccessible after completing SQL Server Developer edition installation.


Hello All,

I was recently testing SQL server 2017 developer version installation on our newly built DEV VMs and noticed the following behaviour of the drives after the installation was successful.

Please see the attached for screenshots with details

1) Drives before installation were accessible

2) VM Administrators, Users, SYSTEM, CREATOR OWNER and Everyone principals were present in the drive properties.

3) SQL server 2017 Installation successful

4) User DB Data, Log & Temp DB Data, Log Drives were inaccessible after SQL installation.

5) VM Administrators, MSSQL$SQLSERVER, SYSTEM and CREATOR OWNER principals were present in the drive properties.

6) And when the added the VM machine Users principal was added with Read & Execute access the drive is accessible once again with a recycle bin error.

7) So I tried to install the a new SQL instance following the above steps on the second DEV VM which resulted in the Database Engine Services failure with the below error

Updating permission setting for file E:\System Volume Information\WPSettings.dat failed. The file permission setting was supposed to be set to D: P(A;OICI;FA;;;BA)(A;OICI;FA;;;SY)(A;OICI;FA;;;CO)(A;OICI;FA;;;S-1-5-80-3880718306-3832830129-1677759213-2598158969-1052248003).
Click Retry to retry the failed action, or click Cancel to cancel this action and continue setup.

but only the User Data DB drive becomes inaccessible and the Users principal gets lost from it, and once we re-add the Users principal everything goes back to normal.

I just don't understand this behaviour of the inaccessibility of the drives after installation and gets back to normal after adding the users.

After some googling then I came across the following post by Pinal Dave which has actually fixed the issue.

Can someone please shed some light on why is this behaviour towards the drives after installation and is it necessary to add a folder in the drives used by the SQL servers before installation.

Thanks in advance.

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