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Uninstalling 2 instances on one node in a 2 node SQL 2012 cluster

Hi Folks, I need some pointers to uninstalling 2 instances on SQL2012 cluster

We have a SQLl2012 Active -Active cluster with instance A on Node 1 and Instance B, Instance C and 3 services on Node 2. I need to uninstall Instance A and B from Node2. The services could be removed/disabled.So I will have an Active-Active cluster with Instance C on Node 1 and no instance on Node2.

I have never uninstalled an instance on a cluster and we don’t have any test system so I have a couple of questions.

  1. When there is no instance on Node 2, does it become an Active Passive cluster?
  2. Do I have to take the node offline before the uninstall?
  3. Can I get any links to uninstalling an instance? I have googled but have only come up with uninstalling nodes. I got one that said about uninstalling an instance but at the end of it, uninstalled the node.
  4. Am I right in understanding that you need the installation media to uninstall the instance? And that I cannot use uninstall programme method for this?
  5. I have a link below with a comment from Perry Whittle. So does it mean if I use the remove node option , it will remove only the instance BUT the node will still be there ?

I had initially disabled the 2 instances on the node ,thinking that would be a safer option but that gave rise to continuous alerts on our Nagios monitoring system and Operations got errors during the monthly patching.


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