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Checklist for moving existing Prod SQL Server to new Prod Box with enhanced Hardware capabitlities.

Hi, I am an accidental DBA and i did a lot of self learning to make things work as a DBA.I managed to fix prod issues and learned a lot about SQL server inside working to do performance tuning etc.With hardwork and with luck i was managing till now but recently i am given a task which is a mammoth one for me. My company decided to bring new prod box with enhanced hardware capabilities like more memory/CPU etc and as a DBA i should do the job of moving the existing prod to new box with minimal downtime. I have been going through youtube/other online courses to learn about the hardware configuration/considerations to to complete this task successfully. I have seen in online that lots of DBAs use checklist to perform these kind of stuff with plan/scripts etc.I know it requires a great amount of experience to do such a task successfully with minimal downtime. It would be really helpful if someone who has done a similar task can provide me with a plan/checklist or scripts while performing this upgrade. I can give more information of the scenario if someone can really help me with this. Scenario : 1.Existing prod server is at another location. 2.New prod will be installed in another location. I am not sure what checks i should do while installing SQL server in the new prod. 2.Present plan is to backup and compress and store all dbs into an external HD and take it to the new prod box location. Restore it to SQL instance. I know these steps vaguely as i have read/watched people explaining these steps. Appreciate the help/suggestions.
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