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SSIS package failure

Hi everyone, I'm new to SSIS packages so I appologize beforehand not knowing/using the correct terminology and phrasing. I've been trying to run an SSIS package but I've been coming across three errors that I haven't been able to find much detail online in answering. When I try and open the package in Visual Studio 2015, vs 14.0.25431.01 U3 I get the following errors. Error Loading: "the dtxs package name.dtsx": Failed to load task "SFTP Task", type "", The contact information for this task is "". Validation error. SFTP Task : There were errors during task validation. VAlidation error. SFTP Task : The task has failed to load. The ocntact information for this task is "". I have no idea where I need to put in "contact information" in the dtsx package or where in the SFTP task that needs to go into. I've tried looking in the properties for SFTP task, but I don't see anything to enter in contact information. Maybe it's part of the Data Flow , which constist of a Flat File source > Derived Column > Data Convertion > (a new) Derived Column 2 > OLE DB Command. And there appears to be options for Contact information, but it's greyed out and can't be changed. Any ideas on how to resolve these erros, I would greately appreciate.
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You have not said you created the package. AFAIK, SSIS Packages are notorious for not working across different versions of data tools or BI Developer studio. Please check if that is case. Are you able to use anything to try and debug the ssis package. Obviously other than vs2015
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