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Using MS SQL to create Actice Directory User Accounts from SIS Exports

Hi! I am new to SQL and I am wondering if SQL will be a useful tool in automating Active Directory accounts from our Student Information System (SIS) exports. The exports are Tab Delimited Text files and contain information that is in a different format than our AD data is. Here's what we get from Powerschool: Teacher First_Name |Teacher Last_Name |Teacher Email_Addr |Teacher LoginID |Teacher Status |Teacher SchoolID FirstName LastName EmailAddress FirstInitialLastName Active/Inactive School (translates to AD 'Path' Attribute Here's what we need for our import to Active Directory: Name | samAccountName | UserPrincipalName | givenName | sn | displayName | mail | Path | homeDrive | homeDirectory FirstInitialLastName LastNameFirstInitial EmailAddress FirstName LastName FirstName LastName EmailAddress AD Org Unit Drive Letter UNC Path So, as you can see, we have some adjustments to make and some data field mappings to create, but I am confident we can make templates that pertain to each SchoolID / Path. Here are some other qualifiers: Teacher Email_Addr = UserPrincipalName AND mail attributes homeDrive = same drive letter, regardless of Teacher SchoolID homeDirectory UNC Path will be different for each Teacher SchoolID, but the root home share will be the same for everyone with the same Teacher SchoolID (i.e. \\server_name\home_drive_share$\%username%) I am wondering if I can create several MS SQL Tables with static data already in place - 1 table for each school - then import the corresponding SIS Export and ultimately create an export with this data to be used in a Powershell script to create AD User accounts. And we also want to automate this as a nightly script that we can schedule with Task Scheduler Thanks a bundle for your assistance.
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