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SQL Server 2016 Data Files on UNC

I have an interesting dilemma... We were asked by management to explore the possibilities of having SQL Server database files on UNC paths. We pushed back on the idea for a multitude of reasons, but we wanted to test a few things so that we could prove with hardened numbers why it is a bad idea. In that testing, we discovered a very curious behavior, and now I am chasing it down a rabbit hole as to why?! I can restore databases to files on UNC paths. It works fine. Actually quicker than restoring to mounted volumes. (Different chapter in this book) I can create a new database on UNC paths. That works fine, too. What is odd, is that when I restore or create a database, I cannot see the data files from a Windows Explorer window, no matter what I do. I have refreshed, I have opened as admin, I have held my breath until my face turned blue. (Not recommended, BTW) So, imagine my surprise, when I detached the database, and viola! The files appeared in my Windows Explorer window. I have never seen this behavior before, and the only thing I can think of that would begin to explain it, is that the share is defined on (in simple terms) a private cloud. If we ping the location from different cmd prompts, we get different IPs. Could this be playing a role in the disappearing files? Could it have anything to do with SQL locking files and/or dynamic IPs? If anyone knows of any documentation that explains this behavior, or if anyone has seen this issue, could you please point me in the right direction?
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Did you ever get to the bottom of this?
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