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Best way to produce a STIG report in SSRS

I have created and stored 65 queries in a table that can be used to proactively identify areas within our SQL Server environment that may need remediation prior to a security audit. My thought was to use SSRS to produce a report of any findings that can then be used as a tool to help identify and mitigate security issues. I am not sure exactly how to do this and if any of you have created something different or better I would like to know. SO far I have: - Created two tables: ServerList and STIG_Master - I have created parameters for ServerName and STIG_ID - I have created datasets for ServerName, STIGList, and MAIN ServerList is a Table that stores relevant metrics on all our DB servers STIG_Master is a table that stores the STIG_ID, Title , Query_TXT, and Expected results. ServerName is located in the ServerList table and STIG_ID is located in the STIG_Master table The dataset ServerName is a DISTINCT select on the ServerList table and the dataset STIGList is a DISTINCT select on the STIG_Master table. Both of these will be parameters used in generating the report. MAIN is where I need the assistance. In this query I need to somehow establish the association between the ServerList and STIG_Master tables and then execute the Query_TXT associated with the STIG_ID selected against the ServerName(s) selected and then return a formatted report, based on the result set generated In theory it sounds like it can be done, but I am not sure if this is even the best way to approach the task at hand. I can run these "in bulk" in a Query Analyzer window, but I was trying for something a little more elegant that could be shared with Security and Management. I appreciate your consideration, time , and support
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