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unexplained space consumption of a data drive on my Virtual machine

The data drive on my VM appears full but the actual space consumed is only 84GB OUT OF 200GB. Has anyone encountered something like this before? When I first saw this, the first thing i did was to check the size of the transaction logs to make sure that I don't have transaction log inflation. the log file size is fine.Does anyone have a clue or point me in the right direction to fix this? Please refer to the screenshots attached for clarification. Thanks![alt text][1] [1]: /storage/temp/3751-2space.jpg
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Nothing VM specific comes right to mind. hidden files? recycle bin? You might try a disk space analyzer to see if it catches something you missed -
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Might have already been done, you could also use SSMS and look to see if you have a data/log file that might be consuming the space? Something like: SELECT database_id,name,size FROM sys.master_files WHERE physical_name LIKE '%D:\%' ORDER BY size DESC If it's even SQL Server related.
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Check to see if the server is storing the page file on the drive. I've had a server with limited space on the C: drive move the page file to a different drive when the memory on the server was increased to more than what was available on the C: drive. It will be a hidden file in the root of the drive called pagefile.sys
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