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Can anybody help me to understand this deadlock.?

unknown (@P0 bigint,@P1 bit,@P2 bigint,@P3 datetime,@P4 bit,@P5 nvarchar(4000),@P6 float,@P7 bigint,@P8 bit,@P9 bit,@P10 float,@P11 bigint,@P12 int,@P13 datetime,@P14 nvarchar(4000),@P15 int,@P16 int,@P17 bigint,@P18 int)update candidate_content_package_mapping set candidate= @P0 , consume_units= @P1 , content_package= @P2 , end_date= @P3 , invalid_score= @P4 , message_id= @P5 , percentile= @P6 , project_id= @P7 , report_available= @P8 , rr_applied= @P9 , score= @P10 , single_use_link_id= @P11 , stage_no= @P12 , start_date= @P13 , status= @P14 , timer= @P15 , version= @P16 where id= @P17 and version= @P18 unknown (@P0 bigint,@P1 bigint,@P2 bigint,@P3 nvarchar(4000),@P4 bigint,@P5 nvarchar(4000),@P6 nvarchar(4000))UPDATE status_history_audit_log SET order_unit_usage_reference= @P0 WHERE ID in (SELECT TOP 1 Id FROM status_history_audit_log (NOLOCK) where project_id = @P1 AND company_id = @P2 AND component_type like @P3 AND candidate_content_package_id = @P4 AND status_before like @P5 AND status_after like @P6 order by id DESC);
10 |1200 characters needed characters left characters exceeded

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Are you able to save the deadlock and attached as an xdl?
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I mean attach the xdl to your post.
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I want to know the reason behind this deadlock and how to prevent this situation in future..?
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sp_lock, yes its being monitored by a tool.
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You also might want to consider sanitizing the XML as it contains what I would consider sensitive data.
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