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sql agent job/xp_cmdshell batch file: How to capture output and/or error?

I am using a sql agent job that uses xp_cmdshell to execute a batch file. The batch file runs several sql scripts using sqlcmd. It appears to be working. However, I am unable to capture any error. If I force one of the sql statements to fail, the sql job still finishes successfully. It doesn't appear to see the error the batch file would typically show had I executed it via a command prompt. Is there a way to capture the dos and sql print statements that you would see if you were to run it via a command prompt? And to capture an error? My T-sql looks like this: SELECT @cmd= ProcessPath+ProcessFilename FROM AgentJobProcessPath EXECUTE master..xp_cmdshell @cmd I have tried several other things to get the output from the batch file execution to display in the job history or elsewhere. Below are the things I've already tried. I have tried: CREATE TABLE #output (OutputField nvarchar(4000)) Insert into #output (OutputField) EXECUTE master..xp_cmdshell @cmd SELECT OutputField FROM #Output WHERE OutputField is not null When I try this, and view my job history, there is still no output; also tried: DECLARE @result int; EXEC @result = xp_cmdshell @cmd; IF (@result = 0) PRINT 'Success' ELSE PRINT 'Failure'; In this, @result is ALWAYS 1 even when the sql does NOT produce an error. also tried: SELECT @cmd = @PathFile + ' > \\networkpath\folder\ output.txt' This created the output.txt file, however, it was always empty; also tried: In the SQL Agent job step itself, I went to the advanced tab, and checked the 'Include step output in history'. But there is still no output from the batch file there to view. When I viewed the job history for the step, it was still mostly empty, no output from the batch file. Thank you in advance for any assistance, it is much appreciated!! Stacy
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