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Synchronising number of disconnected databases to a central DB

Synchronizing number of disconnected databases to a central DB. here is real scenario: There are number of laptops installed a window application connected with local database and all these machines works in remote area where no internet connectivity is there. we have another web application connected to a central db.the Idea to synchronize database is that every machines export there data at the end of day and save the exported file in removable disk and place all the exported file to a specific location using FTP. My requirement is to import all the exported files into central database and vice-versa. there are around 15 table out of 100 on which need to keep the synchronization. Please suggest.
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Sounds fairly straight forward and simple. Which part are you having a problem with?
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I am new to database synchronization.Please suggest a framework/architecture using C# to manage syncing of 15 out of 100 tables for multiple database to central database
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What are the database models/versions on the laptops and for the central database? SQL Server has a few options I believe would work (bcp and SSIS, for example), but knowing the database versions/editions would help determine an appropriate answer.
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I'm sorry, but this is sounding like another one of those: "I don't know what I'm doing, so can those of you who get paid to do this, please tell me for free what to do." I have already reached my quota for this week. I don't mind helping those that can demonstrate that they have taken the time to research possible solutions and have questions about specific items.
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