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Please help with SQL problem!

Hello guys! I work for a company that has a Accounting program that runs on SQL 2008 express and everything worked fine till windows 10 came out... -_- now im getting this error every time i want to add a client to the Accounting program The error is as follows: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_SystemTable'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'Masters.SystemTable'. The dubplcate key value is (a65c2484-a216-4dfd-8792-cfe955e9c3ac) The statment has been terminated. Ok so this only started with windows 10 and every other version of windows it worked fine... but the funny thing is sometimes it works with windows 10 and sometimes it gives this silly error trying to add a client to the database through the accounting program. and i have tried 64 bit windows 10 and 32 bit windows with the corresponding SQL installers (64/32 bit) but nothing works. Any help would be VERY appreciate. Please find a screenshot of the error attached to this post
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since you have access to the source code, you might post the method that contains the GUID generation code. It sounds like Guid is generated by the application (Guid.NewGuid()?) and not SQL Server.
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KenJ avatar image KenJ commented ·
Is the SQL Server running on Windows 10 or the Accounting application (or both)? Physical/Virtual?
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ThomasRushton avatar image ThomasRushton ♦♦ commented ·
Is this software that you bought in? If so, contact their helpdesk. If it's software that was developed in-house, then speak to your development team.
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Pieter avatar image Pieter commented ·
Hello All ! Sorry for the late reply. @KenJ The SQL 2008 is installed on windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit windows and has the same problem. @ThomasRushton - We are the people that created the program and the dev that wrote most of the program is no longer with us and he doesn't want to help with the problem unless we give him $$$$ and its not a small amount... So either way this is still a problem i have to find and fix Thank you for your replies to this thread. Appreciate it a lot. Best Regards, Pieter
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