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import multiple excel/csv files and sheets in multiple folders with different names and different schema into ssis in different tables for each sheet

I'm new to SSIS and I have a SQL SSIS requirement for creating a package that will transform all the excel/csv files data into separate sql tables. We get will multiple excel files with different tabs or csv files with different schemas (Schema's means different columns, one sheet may have 2 columns and other may have 10 columns) they will bundle them into a folder and put them in a common folder, we will get almost 12-15 folders daily with some spread sheets or csv files. My requirement is to go to each folder and take the all the excel files and sheets in them and create a table for each sheet, i 'm sure all the sheets are properly named with respective details. ex: folder ABC will have 10 folders A1,A2,A3..., A10 A1 will have 2 excel or csv files with multiple sheets in each file like wise for A2 and so on till A10, or some of the folder may have sub-folders as well with some files in it. this is to run daily and create create excel file when ever we execute the package I'm looking for a SSIS package to do this task. Appreciate your effort, Thanks
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I appreciate the fact that you are new to SSIS, but the purpose of this forum is to provide specific answers to specific questions...not to provide you with a complete solution (i.e. do your work for you). You may get a better response from the folks in this forum if you start developing your package(s) yourself, and ask specific questions as you run into obstacles.
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