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SSRS Trying to group multiple data sets on ID to display on a one page invoice per ID.

The problem sounds much less complex than it is. I am using a legacy stored procedure previously used to load 3 data sets into an Access report. I am converting this report into SSRS. Since SSRS does not handle multiple outputs per data set, I have split this sproc into 3. The issue I am having is this: Since users now want to run the report based on dat range, rather than enter an ID, no ID is being entered and passed to the subreport on which to group by. The report needs to use one table in order to produce a readable report, because since it is an invoice, all records for a customer/order/event/payment/etc must be on one page. I am able to get the customer information to display at the top of each report. The issue I am running into is grouping the sub-report so that it groups into each customer record. Because it is using a stored procedure, I am having trouble assigning a parameter in the dataset that can be passed from the main report (think of how we would say “WHERE customer_no IN (@customer_no)”. I haven’t found a way to do this yet, because we are not using an explicit text query. Since there is no customer_no being entered on run-time, there is nothing being passed through to the sub-report on which to group on. Any ideas would be welcome. This is my first time posting here and I have read the FAQ as well as searched extensively for an answer. Cheers and happy Friday :)
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