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SQL interview Questions

Hi, I have faced some SQL DBA Questions Can anyone Give me Answer/suggestions would be highly appreciated? 1)In Database Mirroring, How can we ensure Data Transferred from Primary Server to Mirror Server? 2) In Database Mirroring, How many Mirror Server/Connection can be possible to create from primary Server 3) When We use IN/Exists Operators or Join Condition would it use Index in Table or not? 4) When a user have db_writer,db_reader permission on particular database, but still he faced to alter stored Procedure. So how we can fix it? what are the steps to follow? 5)When we upgrade SQL 2005 to SQL 2014 What are the steps to follow? 6)Types of Traces in SQL Server? 7)Difference between Transaction Replication and Transaction with updatable subscription Replication? 8)Types of Migration in SQL Server?
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What are your thoughts on these questions? At the moment, this feels like a different version of a homework question...
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Some of those questions are very unclear. Some of them are just a matter of documentation. Types of Traces in SQL Server? Check the documentation: There are 235 trace events. Who the heck is going to list them all out in a test or interview? It's a ridiculous question. Unless the person is badly asking how you can capture events within SQL Server. Then, there are two, Trace Events and Extended Events. Whether for homework or an interview, you either didn't record the questions correctly, or the questioner is badly misinformed about how SQL Server works. If this is homework, you should do the research yourself. If these are for an interview, again, you should do your own research. When you get stuck on a concept, please ask a question here. That's what we do.
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1.Ans:- 2.ans:- Only one mirrror server. 3>ans:- 4:Ans:- you need to alter sp you must have sp_executive permission 5:ans:- 1.when ur going to upgrade follow below steps... a) Take downtime from client b)Inform application team about updowntime means all users not available for accessing dbs C.Ensure that space available destination server...If it is fine.. d.)backup all system db and user dbs....from source server e)restore backups from soure server to destination server with no recoverery. f)check weather any failed backup occures ...If occures fix it g)Transwer the logins from source to destination using SP_revlogin script h)re run destination serrver Execute sp_revlogin script,then all logins transfered from source to destination. i)run the DBCC CHECK DB command.. j)Rin the update Statistics .....
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