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ssis - import multiple tables from multiple servers with staging

Hi seniors, I have to import multiple table from different servers and once I import it should load to my target table but first my package should create a staging table for all those target tables and then load into target table from staging. Now when I run the same package next time my staging table should automatically drop and recreate. The idea hear is that if there is a change in my source which leads to the change in my destination table ,so my staging table should also change only according to the target/destination table. please help me to create dynamic connection between different servers and then dynamically fetch data from different tables available on different servers then create a staging table based on my destination table and then finally push data into my destination Please note that different server may have more nos of table but I am only interested in some. Say for example Server A is having 3 tables a1, a2 and a3 and server B is having b1,b2,b3,b4,b5 but I am only interested in fetching a2,a3 from server A and b2,b5,b4 from server B. Please advice . Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated . Thanks, Rajeev Kumar
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Dear Nidheesh I was able to build dynamic source connection successfully but got stuck with the dynamic selection of tables and data on different servers and also how to drop and create staging table with every run based on target table structure. So now any help ??
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