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Display Image in Email notification

I work for a library. I need to include a jpeg image in an email notification that is sent to customers for holds (the email account is html enabled). I have tried embedding the image or using an external link. In both cases, when the notification appears in my email inbox the link to the reporting services server is presented. In Design View, using either embedded or external, the proper image does appear in the text box. I am using SQL Server 2008R2 and Visual Studio 3.5 SP1 . After reading a number of posts, I came across “Globals!ReportServerURL.” Does this imply that images can only be on the Report Server regardless whether the url resolves successfully to the image when I click on the link? Is there a setting in Reporting Services Configuration that needs to be set? In another post Titled “Reporting Service Image display,“ there is a bullet item: “do the appropriate formatting bits to make that bit of code render as HTML rather than text.” Is this something I need to do; if so how/where? ![alt text][1] When I click on the link in the attachment, I receive a logon dialog box. When I respond successfully to the logon prompt I receive this error message: Reporting Services Error ________________________________________ • The stream cannot be found. The stream identifier that is provided to an operation cannot be located in the report server database. (rsStreamNotFound) Get Online Help ________________________________________ SQL Server Reporting Services Thank you. [1]: /storage/temp/2392-emal-notification.png
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Can anyone respond to my question? Thank you. Jon
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