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How do I fix a ORA-06502:PL/SQL: numeric or value error on a package

I am getting the following error :ORA-06502:PL/SQL: numeric or value error on one our Packages that runs daily for an appworx system job. Here is the package below. I have included asterisk symbol at the part (EXCLUDEUSER) were the error occurred. I am a newbie to SQL and I am not sure what the fix for this will be. procedure p_empl_dept_move_lock is empDeptMoveRecord tt_eas.oracle_acct.employee_dept_move_cur%rowtype; l_error_msg varchar2(250) := null; **excludeUser varchar2(1);** lHasIpExceptions varchar2(1); lIpExceptionSuccess boolean := false; lIpExceptionHadFailure boolean := false; lEmpCount number := 0; lTosmEmpCount number := 0; lEasLdapEntryCount number := 0; lTosmLdapEntryCount number := 0; lEasEntryString varchar2(4000) := ''; lTosmEntryString varchar2(4000) := ''; lEasEmail varchar2(32000) := ''; lTosmEmail varchar2(32000) := ''; lLdapEntry tt_eas.oracle_acct.ldap_entry; lLdapEntryTable tt_eas.oracle_acct.ldap_entry_table; lLdapSuccess boolean := false; lLdapHadFailure boolean := false; begin open employee_dept_move_cur; loop **excludeUser := 'N';** fetch employee_dept_move_cur into empDeptMoveRecord; exit when employee_dept_move_cur%notfound; lEmpCount := lEmpCount + 1; -- IP Exception Checking lHasIpExceptions := f_has_ip_exceptions(empDeptMoveRecord.username, lIpExceptionSuccess); if not lIpExceptionSuccess then lIpExceptionHadFailure := true; end if; -- LDAP Entry Checking lEasLdapEntryCount := 0; lTosmLdapEntryCount := 0; lEasEntryString := ''; lTosmEntryString := ''; lLdapEntryTable := f_get_ldap_entries(empDeptMoveRecord.eraider_id, lLdapSuccess); if not lLdapSuccess then lLdapHadFailure := true; end if; if lLdapEntryTable.count > 0 then for i in lLdapEntryTable.first .. lLdapEntryTable.last loop lLdapEntry := lLdapEntryTable(i); Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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