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Date Truncation in SSIS

We had two servers both using the same Table TechRecords I was assigned a task to keep the table in Sync in both server that is when a record inserted in server 1 the same should reflect in server 2 and vice -versa I am using an ssis which will take all records from TechRecords table in server 1 and push it to FTP and then SSIS scheduled on Server 2 will download file and insert in TechRecords and vice -versa my Issue is when I use datetime in where condtion SSis is truncating the Milliseconds part so I am not getting those records which were created in the gap of 1 minute Can anyone please suggest an alternative or how can I handle the truncation of the seconds
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This sounds a little like one of those examples where you have a hammer and everything looks like a nail. Have you looked at other methods to replicate the data? SQL Server can replicate this table with transaction replication to another database/server.
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I don't have any connectivity between these two servers SSIS package using the FTP is the only option I had
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Convert(DateTime, ?,121).
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Are you exporting to a flatfile of Excel? Are you using SSIS for the export or something else (BCP etc). Are you transforming the data in anyway before you export?
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To @SQLShark's point, how are you extracting the data? Would this solution work? Can you use some other key to identify new records?
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