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Is this achievable using ASP.Net?

Now I know what should be the best SQL Server version (SQL Server 2012) to be used for my project. I am still in doubt to use SQL Server 2014 that's why it's not in my list. It just released this year and I'm not yet sure if there are bugs. My project will be a web-based application which needs data storage including pictures and drawings from AutoCAD. Honestly, I haven't tried this kind of feature in ASP.Net wherein there's a map and users can put some color coding on the space or drag some pins on it. Do you think it's achievable?
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Yes, it is achievable. You will probably end up using FILETABLE for storing the drawings, and full-text indexing to search the drawings. But exactly HOW it is to be done, using WHICH features of SQL Server is a matter och system- and database architecture. I can just see that from your limited description of functional requirements, you will be able to use SQL Server as your database platform. I would use SQL Server 2014 instead of SQL Server 2012. Yes, there might be minor bugs, but the product has been out on the market for enough time to spot and fix the worst ill-behaviours. Most of the functionality has been available in Azure for a long time, and there have been thousands and thousands of IT professionals using the CTP-versions prior to finally releasing the product. So don't worry about using the latest version of SQL Server. You are more likely to create bugs in your own system than you are to spot and be affected by bugs in the SQL Server code :)
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I would add that SQL Server 2012 introduced a lot of new functionality that is, still, buggy. Most of the bugs were resolved in 2014. It's actually been a much more stable release overall than 2012.
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Hi Magnus Ahlkvist, thank you for your response. I would take a look on SQL Server 2014, but I am not fond of cloud environment, though I believe there's an option if you would want to set it up like that. Anyways, my project will be like a space management, wherein a user will upload a floor plan (not yet sure what file extension to be saved in the database). A floor plan consists of rooms and cubicles, user should be able to put some highlights on the specific area to distinguish that someone is already occupying it. The map should be changeable, meaning the user can update the map by uploading a new map if there are changes in the floor plan but will retain the highlighted colors. I believe SQL Server and Visual Studio are the tools should be used to handle these things, right? And it can be done in ASP.Net or any web programming languages.
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Hi, I didn't mean you should necessarily go for an Azure installation. I just mean that most of the current features of SQL Server 2014 have been available in Azure for quite some time and are therefore well tested in production. I agree that SQL Server and ASP.NET using Visual Studio are probably good tools for what you want to do.
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Thanks Magnus! =) Hi Grant, thanks for the additional info. =)
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