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ASP.NET compatibility with latest IE versions

This question is little generic and needs suggestion I am working on an application in ASP.NET (VB) , using JavaScript and JQuery for front end validations and ajax calls. And SQL server as backend. This application is compatible with IE upto version 7 and 8. And if user has IE 10 then few of the front end validations some times does not work properly or the UI alignment is not proper. This application has around 100 screens approx. I want to revamp the application so that it can support all IE versions until now. Can somebody suggest a good approach i should follow and from where to start? Thanks in advance.
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Hi DotNetDeveloper, I would suggest that you post this question on an ASP.Net related site. This site (ASKSSC) can help you best with SQL Server Database related queries. Regards.
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