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CDC SSIS package attempting to load duplicates

Hi all Im having issues with an ssis package that processes change from a source db to a destination db. The package is set up to only process net changes and has multiple tables being loaded simultaneously. The task sequence is 1) mark initial load start, 2) Mark initial load end, 3) Get processing range, 4) Mark Processing range. The package runs the initial load and the first incremental successfully (the first incremental is an update for rows that were added to source system whilst the initial package was loading). Then all subsequent incrementals fail as they try to insert duplicate rows into destination primary keys. The cdc state variable sequence is; ILSTART/IR/0x0000006E0000C4A00002//TS/2014-08-01T10:10:06.3579147/ ILEND/IR/0x0000006E0000C4A00002/0x0000006E0000C4B00002/TS/2014-08-01T10:11:39.0315573/ ILUPDATE/CS/0x0000006E0000C4A00002/CE/0x0000006E0000C4B00002/IR/0x0000006E0000C4A00002/0x0000006E0000C4B00002/TS/2014-08-01T10:12:05.8086365/ TFEND/CS/0x0000006E0000C4B00002/TS/2014-08-01T10:12:11.9693469/ TFSTART/CS/0x0000006E0000C4B00002/CE/0x00000F760000CFDF003D/TS/2014-08-01T10:26:54.5238988/ I cant understand how duplicate rows are making it through to the destination. Any ideas where I have gone wrong? thanks in advance
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