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How to get the Name of the Purchasing.Vendor to display along with the Name in the Production.Product?

The picture attached is the result of my class study Lab. At the moment, I am trying to get the Name of 2 different tables to not cancel out all the information for the results. The Question that I have is below: -- Q7. Problem Solving Challenge - Your Boss has just asked you to do the following, he wa not all that specific so you know you need to figure some of it out. ---You know you will need to fill in the details and Create a really good "Purchase Order Report" showing all the information- product(Name), qty Ordered, --- qty Received, qty Rejected, Line total, Purchase Order Header Information, ---Vendor Information - Name and Shipping and Billing addresses (concatenate all information for each address into a separate formatted output column) ---Note... There is some deliberate ambiguity and fuzziness in this question; How many and what tables, and how to Join Them, and what fields to select, --- Order the Output so that it shows Vendors alphabetically starting at 'A' and then by Order Date --- Restrict the reports to Orders that have actually been shipped (Has a valid ShipDate) --- You want to please your boss and Create the best ORDER REPORT possible so you can keep in the running for a promotion. (Do NOT USE A COMMON TABLE EXPRESSION)
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can you post what you have tried so far ?
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Without a lot more detail, there's no way to answer this question. We can't see your structure in order to advise you on how to run queries against it. Plus, if this is homework, and you need help, show us what you've done that hasn't worked and we'll be glad to push you along. But just asking us to do the whole thing for you... well, no. Unless I'm getting the grade, I'm not doing the work for someone else.
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