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New service account for Analysis Service made the service inaccessible

Hi , We got a weird problem with Analysis Services . All of a sudden the analysis service stopped and access to cubes and cube processing jobs started failing . It was using an very old service account login id and nobody knew the password . The service was not starting , so we changed the account to another ADMIN level account . Service started again and everything was working within the box .. But outside the box the analysis service was not accessible . Cubes in excel could not be refreshed , Cube processing jobs failed . Reporting accessing any CUBE did not work . but within the server , everything worked . Then we realized Analysis services are accessible using the IP address and not using server name . Although Database Engine was accessible using the server name . We replaced the server name with IP address in the connection strings (report , job , excel etc) and these were working again . Finally the problem was resolved by resetting the password of that original service account and restoring it for analysis service in the box . None of us could explain this and we could not figure out what is tied with this ID .... Does it have anything to do with the installation ? Please help if you know the answer or have any idea on which direction we should further proceed with the analysis or finding the root cause . Regards, Manas..
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Requesting the questioner/moderator to kindly move this question from "meta-askssc" to the "Default" section.
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What account was the SQL Browser Service running as?
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