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SQL Server Transactional Replication - Schema change failed on object - Snapshot agent is not running

Greetings, this is my first question posted to SSC, please have mercy! :) We have Transactional Replication running from SQL Server 2005 to 2012 (both standard editions). The distributor sits with the subscriber on the SQL2012 machine. Since we fired it up we have been getting sporadic failures of data import SPs. By sporadic I mean cca. 1 failure in 20-30 executions. The error message is: Schema change failed on object '[dbo].[TableA]'. Possibly due to active snapshot or other schema change activity. But... *Due to active snapshot?* - We don't use the Snapshot Agent; it is disabled. *Other schema change activity?* - We are getting these failures since we started using replication and we are doing just as much schema changes at the moment as we had been doing before replication was started. We have thousands of SPs and 99% of them don't do any DDL. Then there's sp_doSomething which is one in the 1%. It runs about 50 times a day and does something along these lines: ALTER TABLE dbo.TableA NOCHECK CONSTRAINT Constr1 --insert some stuff etc. ALTER TABLE dbo.TableA CHECK CONSTRAINT Constr1 or ALTER TABLE dbo.TableA DISABLE TRIGGER ALL Triggers, check constraints are NOT replicatied. The question is then: Why are we getting this? The parameters of the publication for your reference: pubid 1 restricted 0 status 1 task 1 replication frequency 0 synchronization method 3 immediate_sync 0 enabled_for_internet 0 allow_push 1 allow_pull 0 allow_anonymous 0 independent_agent 1 immediate_sync_ready 0 allow_sync_tran 0 autogen_sync_procs 0 snapshot_jobid 0xFFFF retention 0 has 1 allow_queued_tran 0 snapshot_in_defaultfolder 1 alt_snapshot_folder NULL pre_snapshot_script NULL post_snapshot_script NULL compress_snapshot 0 ftp_address NULL ftp_port 21 ftp_subdirectory NULL ftp_login anonymous allow_dts 0 allow_subscription_copy 0 centralized_conflicts NULL conflict_retention 14 conflict_policy NULL queue_type NULL backward_comp_level 40 publish_to_AD 0 allow_initialize_from_backup 0 replicate_ddl 1 enabled_for_p2p 0 publish_local_changes_only 0 enabled_for_het_sub 0 Both publisher and subscriber are on latest SP. Any suggestion is welcome!
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Are you replicating stored procedure execution? - Another thought: The *Making Schema Changes on Publication Databases* article on Technet indicates that schema changes are propogated to subscribers by default. "If the schema change references objects or constraints existing on the Publisher but not on the Subscriber, the schema change will succeed on the Publisher but will fail on the Subscriber." -
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Thanks for your comment KenJ! We are not replicating SP execution. They don't even exist on the subscriber. The fact that some schema changes fail on the subscriber is OK with me, it's planned; there's no point for us to check constraints or have triggers on a read-only subscriber. I don't know if I'm stating the obvious or not but I thought I'd mention that we get these failures on the publisher (live OLTP DB).
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this table may be replicated
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