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T-SQL training

HI. I have been oracle developer/DBA for 9 years. Recently start to also work on SQL server as SQL server developer. For my day to day job, I don't have issue. I can google around or read a T-SQL fundmentals book to get my job done. However, that may not be good enough for my performance goal this year. I need to find a way to proof that I "learn" and "own" the SQL server skill for my job as a developer. A way to proof it like pass a exam or take an course ( without budget ). In my case, Is there any cost reasonable online course I can take to proof that I "can" develop in SQL server ( we only use T-SQL and SSIS only )? Any exam/certification I can take ?
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Welcome to SQL Server! A great way to learn more about SQL Server, and simultaneously make contact that can help you to learn more, is to join a local SQL Server User group. If you don't have one nearby, you can always join an online virtual chapter with SQL Pass - [][1] There is also the SQL Saturday training events that take place around the world - [][2] or SQL in the City if one takes place near you - [][3] For more hands-on free training, Microsoft have set up virtual labs that you can use free of charge that walk you through a specific problem or feature - [][4] One terrific way to prove that you have "learned" and "own" the SQL Server skill is to teach it. Make a presentation to your local user group. If you don't have one, make a presentation to your coworkers. Even if they don't work with SQL Server regularly, they might make a great audience (Oracle DBAs, developers, other SQL Server DBAs?). Stick around this site and answer other people's problems (both Oracle and SQL-Server questions). I get to see so many more problems here than I ever could at work. It's a great way to learn to solve problems you've never encountered. You can also blog about what you are learning. It's a virtual paper trail that you can use to prove to your boss (or yourself) that you are steadily learning more about SQL Server and are able to put it into your own words. You can get more ideas about learning sql server on this site in some of the previous answer to questions similar to yours: [][5] [][6] [][7] Enjoy the ride! [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]:
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Fantastic answer @KenJ. You've left nothing for the rest of us, but this comment to @ora600. To my knowledge the only approved certification is from Microsoft and it is not free. You'll have to pay for. Further, that certification is not worth much to prove you know and understand SQL Server.
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Hi Ken : thanks for your feedback. Very good idea!!!
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