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SSIS package with a transaction and a call to sub package

I have an SSIS package with transaction which uses sql task, Sequence Container and then Foreach container with in that a Data Flow Task. In the data flow task we are calling a sub package which is causing the operation to be hung up. Please let me know your thoughts. It's pretty Urgent.
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Can you run the sub package on its own? What happens if you do?
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What is the output from the package?
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i can run the sub package without any issues. Let me elaborate. I have to process 100000 records as part of an ssis job and this should have row based transaction i.e. when 99999 record has some errors then only that record should not be processed and others should be commited. and i have three different sub packages need to called inside this main package. I have an Sql Task in control flow from which i get the records that have to be processes and then a sequence container on which we enable the transaction option. Then a for each loop which contains a data flow task. Inside this data flow task i have lot of transformations and one of them is calling the Sub package from a Script component which will have it's own configuration file. So The package is getting hung at this task. We are actually carrying out some inserts and updated in that sub package. Insert has no issues but the update is getting hung. so i want to join the transaction here. i am not permitted at this point of time to make changes to the Design. Hope i am clear now. Please let me know if i have to add anything else.
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is any body there to help me out.
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did you try combining the tasks? (This may be a threading problem)
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