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SSIS custom error report

Hi all, we have a system that imports lots of client data. As part of the import process we have response files that get sent to the client. One problem i'm facing is i'm having to manually correct too many files and it is taking up too much of my time. Therefore i would like a way of creating a user friendly error report. I have created an onerror event handler and am looking at pulling useful information out of the database. The problem i'm facing is SSIS outputs a lot of rubbish in it's error messages. I'm looking for a way to filter that down so it is user friendly (and i can present to client). Any ideas would be much appreciated. *** Hi Ken, thanks for your response. Yes i have created an onevent error handler, with a execute sql task (to pull stuff out the db) and an email task. I would like to import some of the error information into the email. The problem i have is ![alt text][1] there is loads of rubbish that is in the error messages. The first three lines are useful, i want to find a way of stripping out the rest of it... [1]: /storage/temp/926-capture.png
ssisssis error
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hi can someone please help me with this.
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are you using the onerror event handler to write errors to the database or to send notifications? What kind of useful information do you want to pull out of the database - error log info, statistics on data loaded, etc?
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i have updated my original post. thanks for your help.
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One thought is that you could store the error log into a SQL Table for ease of use and then parse the records on say '%CustomerDataFile% to see if you can narrow it down in a way that's more user friendly.
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