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SQL Server 2008 R2 Database Engine Tuning Advisor and XML Files

Hi! I'm using Confio Ignite to export a SQL Plan file on a specified query which is causing some resource issues. I opened the SQL Plan file in SSMS and right clicked and Show Execution Plan XML and saved the file as XML. When I open the XML file in the Database Engine Tuning Advisor I receive DTAENGINE: Error: Unable to open input file specified: C:\Users\\Desktop\.XML. If I use DTAEngine for SQL and TRC files they work fine but the XML file is not working. I have tried using SSMS Execution Plan XML and that also failed. Has anyone else had issues with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor and XML files?
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At first I thought this was an Ignite issue but further testing has shown this to be XML issue with DTAEngine.
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Thanks for coming back and updating the status on this. I'll mark this question as closed. If you want to ask a specific question about the XML issue then please start a new question.
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