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How to remove decimal from a field in sql

I am new in sql and am trying to remove decimal from a field that looks like this V34.5s S26.30 00.13 M46.66 Am not sure how to do this, please help. This is what I want the field to look like V345s S2630 0013 M4666 Please help
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this what my field looks like codes W61.39XS W61.4 W61.42 W61.42XA W61.42XD W61.42XS W61.43 W61.43XA W61.43XD W61.43XS W61.49 W61.49XA W61.49XD W61.49XS W61.5 W61.51 W61.51XA I am trying to remove the decimals to make it look like thiscodes codes W6139XS W614 W6142 W6142XA W6142XD W6142XS W6143 W6143XA W6143XD W6143XS W6149 W6149XA W6149XD W6149XS W615 W6151 W6151XA
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